Whole30 day 8 and 12 week fitness challenge day 1 DONE!

YYaaayyyy today I started my 12 week fitness challenge, I didn’t have a lot of energy after work. But I went and completed my day 1 which included Chest/ Triceps. I guess my biceps wanted to play too because they are sore hihihi. I am doing Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer Program from http://www.bodybuilding.com. I created a free bodyspace account to get access to all these free programs, also to track my progress. It is easier to stay on track when you can follow your progress.

At the gym today 🙂 I will get fit!

2014-01-13 16.40.37

My exercises:

  • 10 minute warmup on the treadmill
  • Pushups: 12 x 3 (I modified these to wall pushups standing on my toes. I have problems with my wrists, they are too week at the moment)
  • Dumbell Bench Press. 2kg x 12, 2kg x 12, 3kg x 12
  • Flat Bench Cable Flyers: 5kg x 12, 3 sets
  • Pushups: 12 x 3, same as before
  • Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension: 3kg x 12, 4kg x 12, 4kg x 12
  • Triceps Pushdowns: 10kg x 10, 5kg x 12, 10kg x 12
  • 10 minute on the treadmill
  • Stretching

2014-01-13 16.00.02 2014-01-13 16.00.03 2014-01-13 16.08.31

After the gym I came home and drank a lot of water close to 2 liters (about 1/2 gallon). I needed to replenish 😀 I added frozen raspberries and pinapple chunks to make some extra yummy water.

My Whole30 was easy today. I ate some good food 🙂 I forgot to take a picture of my first meal today. I wasn’t that hungry after my post gym meal so I decided to eat something lighter.



  • Breakfast 1 – Oven baked Sweetpotato, 2 fried eggs and 1/2 avocado.
  • Breakfast 2 – Banana slices, apple bits sprinkeld with cinnamon and 1 boild egg.
  • Lunch – Bolognese sauce stuffed bellpepper with a spinach salad
  • Post – Workout meal – Sweetpotato tuna cakes & 1 egg (recipe below)
  • Evening Snack – Banana slices sprinkeld with cinnamon and coconut flakes, topped with raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, almonds, walnuts, cacao nibs and coconut cream.

Sweetpotato Tuna Cakes

2014-01-12 00.46.59

  • 1 medium size oven baked sweetpotato
  • 1 can tuna
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup red bellpeppers
  • 1 tsp Lemon Zest
  • 1 tsp Parsley
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chili pepper

Mix it all together and fry it in a pan 🙂 Sooooooooo delicious!

Good night

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