Challenge day 2


Today I had a great day hanging with my sister and a friend at the mall, we had fun and ate some lunch. I found the cutest lounge wear for the cold Sweden, I look like a bear hahaha and of course I had to get it since I am always freezing anyways.

Once back home I did my workout challenge and let me tell you I am sore from yesterdays workout. This workout challenge is a full body with emphasis on core, legs and glutes. It is not that long of a workout but OMGGGG my body is on fire when I’m doing it. I know for sure I will be sore tomorrow.

I have been following Noelle Benepe on Instagram for some time and she is always positive and helpful and she practice what she preaches. She recently had a baby and decided to do a 30 day comeback challenge. I decided that I wanted to try it out after seeing some of her short videos of what would be included the challenge. You don’t need a gym for it only resistance bands. Not having a gym membership at the moment and not being able to lifting weights kind of sucks. However I really think I will have some good results from this challenge since it’s only day 2 and my legs are on fire. If you don’t follow her I really think you should. You can find her on instagram or website

For day 2 on my Whole 30ish/ Paleo/ Vegetarian 30 day challenge it went ok today. I was hungry a lot and I wanted to eat sweets, even though I ate enough food throughout the day. It could be that we were walking a lot and then working out. It also takes my body about 14 days before I stop wanting to eat sweets, and I don’t eat a lot of sweets as is. But I have been eating regular sugar stuff for some time and that needed to stop. My stomach does not like it at all, it hurts and I swell up like I am 3 month pregnant when I do eat it LOL.

Breakfast: On the go – 3 boiled eggs, 1 banana, 1 apple

Lunch: At the mall Kebab koobideh with rice, salad and meze.

Snack: 8 turkey sandwich meat and a clementine

Dinner: Mexican stuffed sweet potatoes with garlic mashed sweet potatoes, and spinach

Evening snack: Some nuts drizzled with olive oil and seasoning and fresh dates


Time to sleep now… good night world


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