Day 3 & 4 of my challenges

Yesterday I was out all day first at work then I went to my friend’s house, she has gotten meningitis and needed the moral support. I got home really late and was too tired to do day 3 of the nbchallenge. However I did do my Whole 30ish.

Today I did the day 3 of the nbchallenge in the morning. I have to say I am proud because I did regular push ups today, I always do the modified mainly for my wrists. Then had some super delicious brunch while watching my new show Casual. It’s my guilty pleasure show it is humorous and silly. Then I got some cleaning done in the house.

After my late lunch a big salad with pulled chicken and quinoa I decided to take some ME time and give myself some TLC, so I jumped in my new super snuggly lounge wear, made some Paleo hot cocoa and watched a movie. Just enjoying the couch, hanging with the cat, who loved my new fuzzy outfit by the way 😀

After the movie I decided to do day 4 of the nbchallenge, so I would be caught up. I was so motivated before as you can see in the picture and after I was dead. It sure was a killer workout.

Now it is sleepy time… good night world.

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