Day 5-7 of my 30 day challenges

Oh my the real fall weather is here, getting dark rainy and cold brrrrrr. I can’t say I am looking forward to the dark and cold, however I have lived through it and I know it will be ok. It would be nice to go to a beach somewhere, lay in the sun drinking some drinks with umbrellas. At some point during the winter I might sneak away 🙂

The days are going so fast and my first week is completed yaayyy. It was challengin but I made it and what is more important is that I am doing it and not giving up just because of some setbacks 🙂 Just keep on going one day at the time.

On friday I was out all day, I left early in the morning and after my morning appontments I decided to be out and about, having a date with myself. After a good lunch zucchini nudle bowl with salmon and strolling arround in the mall, I decided to go to the movies. I ended up going to a second mall to watch Blade Runner 2049, where I got some cheese popcorn, and a glutenfree sugarfree chocolare bar (snacks I shouldn’t have been eating during my diet). The movie was so so l almost fell a sleep, it was too long in my oppinion. It could have been shorter by 45 min or so. After the movie it was getting a bit late and I got my dinner to go, a delicious Hawaii poki bowl with tuna mmmm sooo good. I got home after 10 pm and was too tired to workout, I just watched some TV and then went to bed.


On saturday I made the same delicious carrot cake pancakes and topped them with blackberries and shredded coconut. I actually liked them better without the blackberries, because the yummy taste was overpowerd. Me and my sister Maria went to Ikea for some shopping, and of corse some lunch. I had smoked salmon with potatoes and a dill sause. After lunch we ran arround the outlet next to Ikea searching for some fun stuff. The down side was that it was raining and windy, but we still had fun. When we got back home I did my day 5 of the nbfitness challenge. It is a killer, I was pooped after. For dinner we had meat and vegitable soup with rice cakes topped with a little butter. We were so tired after dinner we were falling asleep on the couch. I went to bed pretty early.

Today I made a coconut hot cerial for brekfast topped with blackberries and apples pan seard with cinnamon, super good. After going with my sister to get her nails done and grocery shopping I had to do my day 6 of the nb challenge. I wasn’t motivated at all, mainly due to this cold rainy day. But I did do it and of course I feel good after, and tired. I love this program it is short but oh so effective. For dinner we had a beef curry, rice, spinach salad topped with banana, rasins, coconut flakes and peanuts (not paleo) but it was tasty.

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