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I am a new foodie who loves life and getting healthy in body and mind. I started to eat Paleo this year and now I’m modifying it to fit me with a vegetarian/paleo/primal/raw diet with lots of chocolate. Basically getting back to eating healthy like we did back in the primal days with a modern take. I love fashion and it’s another passion. So I’m combining the two with some other random stuff and lots of laughs. Follow me on my journey through food and fashion.

Day 5-7 of my 30 day challenges

Oh my the real fall weather is here, getting dark rainy and cold brrrrrr. I can’t say I am looking forward to the dark and cold, however I have lived through it and I know it will be ok. It would be nice to go to a beach somewhere, lay in the sun drinking some drinks with umbrellas. At some point during the winter I might sneak away 🙂

The days are going so fast and my first week is completed yaayyy. It was challengin but I made it and what is more important is that I am doing it and not giving up just because of some setbacks 🙂 Just keep on going one day at the time.

On friday I was out all day, I left early in the morning and after my morning appontments I decided to be out and about, having a date with myself. After a good lunch zucchini nudle bowl with salmon and strolling arround in the mall, I decided to go to the movies. I ended up going to a second mall to watch Blade Runner 2049, where I got some cheese popcorn, and a glutenfree sugarfree chocolare bar (snacks I shouldn’t have been eating during my diet). The movie was so so l almost fell a sleep, it was too long in my oppinion. It could have been shorter by 45 min or so. After the movie it was getting a bit late and I got my dinner to go, a delicious Hawaii poki bowl with tuna mmmm sooo good. I got home after 10 pm and was too tired to workout, I just watched some TV and then went to bed.


On saturday I made the same delicious carrot cake pancakes and topped them with blackberries and shredded coconut. I actually liked them better without the blackberries, because the yummy taste was overpowerd. Me and my sister Maria went to Ikea for some shopping, and of corse some lunch. I had smoked salmon with potatoes and a dill sause. After lunch we ran arround the outlet next to Ikea searching for some fun stuff. The down side was that it was raining and windy, but we still had fun. When we got back home I did my day 5 of the nbfitness challenge. It is a killer, I was pooped after. For dinner we had meat and vegitable soup with rice cakes topped with a little butter. We were so tired after dinner we were falling asleep on the couch. I went to bed pretty early.

Today I made a coconut hot cerial for brekfast topped with blackberries and apples pan seard with cinnamon, super good. After going with my sister to get her nails done and grocery shopping I had to do my day 6 of the nb challenge. I wasn’t motivated at all, mainly due to this cold rainy day. But I did do it and of course I feel good after, and tired. I love this program it is short but oh so effective. For dinner we had a beef curry, rice, spinach salad topped with banana, rasins, coconut flakes and peanuts (not paleo) but it was tasty.

Day 3 & 4 of my challenges

Yesterday I was out all day first at work then I went to my friend’s house, she has gotten meningitis and needed the moral support. I got home really late and was too tired to do day 3 of the nbchallenge. However I did do my Whole 30ish.

Today I did the day 3 of the nbchallenge in the morning. I have to say I am proud because I did regular push ups today, I always do the modified mainly for my wrists. Then had some super delicious brunch while watching my new show Casual. It’s my guilty pleasure show it is humorous and silly. Then I got some cleaning done in the house.

After my late lunch a big salad with pulled chicken and quinoa I decided to take some ME time and give myself some TLC, so I jumped in my new super snuggly lounge wear, made some Paleo hot cocoa and watched a movie. Just enjoying the couch, hanging with the cat, who loved my new fuzzy outfit by the way 😀

After the movie I decided to do day 4 of the nbchallenge, so I would be caught up. I was so motivated before as you can see in the picture and after I was dead. It sure was a killer workout.

Now it is sleepy time… good night world.

Challenge day 2


Today I had a great day hanging with my sister and a friend at the mall, we had fun and ate some lunch. I found the cutest lounge wear for the cold Sweden, I look like a bear hahaha and of course I had to get it since I am always freezing anyways.

Once back home I did my workout challenge and let me tell you I am sore from yesterdays workout. This workout challenge is a full body with emphasis on core, legs and glutes. It is not that long of a workout but OMGGGG my body is on fire when I’m doing it. I know for sure I will be sore tomorrow.

I have been following Noelle Benepe on Instagram for some time and she is always positive and helpful and she practice what she preaches. She recently had a baby and decided to do a 30 day comeback challenge. I decided that I wanted to try it out after seeing some of her short videos of what would be included the challenge. You don’t need a gym for it only resistance bands. Not having a gym membership at the moment and not being able to lifting weights kind of sucks. However I really think I will have some good results from this challenge since it’s only day 2 and my legs are on fire. If you don’t follow her I really think you should. You can find her on instagram or website

For day 2 on my Whole 30ish/ Paleo/ Vegetarian 30 day challenge it went ok today. I was hungry a lot and I wanted to eat sweets, even though I ate enough food throughout the day. It could be that we were walking a lot and then working out. It also takes my body about 14 days before I stop wanting to eat sweets, and I don’t eat a lot of sweets as is. But I have been eating regular sugar stuff for some time and that needed to stop. My stomach does not like it at all, it hurts and I swell up like I am 3 month pregnant when I do eat it LOL.

Breakfast: On the go – 3 boiled eggs, 1 banana, 1 apple

Lunch: At the mall Kebab koobideh with rice, salad and meze.

Snack: 8 turkey sandwich meat and a clementine

Dinner: Mexican stuffed sweet potatoes with garlic mashed sweet potatoes, and spinach

Evening snack: Some nuts drizzled with olive oil and seasoning and fresh dates


Time to sleep now… good night world



My life has taken another detour and sometimes when life takes unexpected turns and throws us off our path we can choose to feel defeated or plow through. It makes us choose to act or not. I’m pushing forward and doing it with vengeance I have decided to do things differently, do things I have said I wanted to do for years but never got around to. I am tired of letting life just happen, I’ve been a bystander for far too long. It is time to take charge, there is no time like the present time. I’ve been on that platform watching the train of life pass by. Now I have decided to step on the train and see where it goes. It is a bit scary to enter new territory but we can’t evolve if we don’t go outside the box and our safety zone. But  I am looking forward to it.

If you know me then you know I like challenges, it gets me motivated and help me going. So I have decided to do two different challenges at the same time. I am doing a Whole 30ish/paleo/vegetarian 30 day challenge and a 30 day fitness challenge. I currently don’t have a gym membership and it is driving me crazy to not lift weights so instead of not exercising at all I decided to do this at home fitness challenge that uses resistance bands. And let me tell you that today when I started both challenges, the fitness challenge got me all sweaty, exhausted and my legs were on fire hahaha.


Day 1:

Breakfast: Banana, apple, coconut egg porridge

Lunch: Spinach/ kale tuna quinoa salad topped with an egg

Snack: A banana dusted with cinnamon

Dinner: Vegetarian beefless stew with cauliflower rice

Evening snack: Home popped popcorn

Good night world…

Ps. Snap pictures are the best

TIU 31 day challenge and 7 day slim down

Hiiiii it’s been such a long time since i wrote in here, I needed a long brake. But now i want to write again 🙂 So I’m starting off with a challenge i just completed, well actually 2 challenges.

I found Tone It Up in 2012 and purchased their lifetime membership, however I have actually never really used it before. Not sure why, however I felt like I wanted a change in my body so I decided to give it a try. I have been working out on and off for years, and tend to get sick everytime I do work out. So I always felt like I had to start over and that is not motivating in it self. So I have for the past few month been doing good, listening to my body while working out and eating pretty good and trying to rest. So that why I decided to do this challenge. I work better when I challenge myself so that’s why I love doing these types of challenges.

Tone It Up was created by 2 best friends here is a little of their story copied from their website 😉 Karena and Katrina, the founders of the Tone It Up have brought a fresh approach to fitness with their fun, energetic, girlfriend-to-girlfriend method of getting fit.  Since founding Tone It Up, they have built a brand of fitness products, community, retreats, nutrition plans and have graced the pages of Shape, SELF, In Style, Women’s Health and featured in Forbes and People. You can read more about them clicking on the link

So in october they had a 31 day fitness/ nutrition challenge and they basically give you everything you need. A whole nutrition plan, different meal suggestions, what time to eat what and daily workouts. They actually have daily workouts daily so you don’t have to do a challenge to do them. And I did really good, with a few days of not eating perfectly. It was my birthday during the challenge so I cheated a little 🙂 but it was worth it. I also ate a few peices of candy when my boss had bought some candy that I used to eat as a child, it was like walking down memory lane hehe. So it was worth it for me. I also didn’t work out everysingle day, I only missed 4 days total in the month. When it came to the food, I ate a little more calories sometimes then what they had suggested. Only becuase I lost too much energy when I didn’t.

Then when the challenge was over they threw in a 2nd challenge the 7 day slimdown. Just to enhense the results more. It was great, I also ate a little more on seartan meals during this challenge. So I know I could have had even more defined results. I do see a difference after both and I am super excited.

So I am sort of staying on their meal plans, and their way of eating. I still eat paleoish/ vegetarian which fits in the frames of Tone It ups meal build up.

I highly recommend Tone It Up check them out. You feel very supported by them which is fantastic. The also recommend that you connect with other tiu member to get more support.

Here are my before and after pictures, I feel and see a difference especially in the stomach area.  The love handles and petruding of my belly has shrunk yaayyy I am happy with my results. It is just the beginning ❤

photogrid_1478789971487 photogrid_1478790078360

Whole 30 day 18-20.. went to the summer cabin for the weekend.

Still doing a the whole30, however this weekend i did “cheat” on saturday when I went to a dinner we were invited to. I had some wine and sauce to the fish that was served. On Sunday evening on our way home I also ended up having kabob with rice and creamy garlic sauce ( i thought they were going to give me the tomato sauce). It was very interesting because I felt a difference really fast in my body. It is strange how quickly I can feel a difference. I will continue to do the whole 30, and even if i will not have done it 100 % correct I still feel like it’s been fantastic and I still have some days to go. I don’t feel like a failure, and no one should just because things didn’t go like planned. We just need to continue to do the best we can and not give up 😀

Day 18

20150918_081115 20150918_121750

  • Breakfast: Berry avocado yogurt
  • Lunch: Oven baked salmon with a raw beet, kale, apple salad
  • Snack: Clementine and some raw hazelnuts
  • Dinner: Salad topped with lots of veggies, chicken and avocado

Day 19 at the cabin

20150919_091246 20150919_133201

  • Breakfast: Eggs, sandwich turkey meat with banana and nuts
  • Lunch: Sweet potato mash, with steak and salad
  • Dinner: Went to a dinner where different fish and potato was served and lots of different sauces. 


Day 20 still at the cabin

  • Breakfast: Sweet potato cakes with sandwich turkey meat
  • Snack: Banana, apple and some nuts
  • Very late dinner on our way home: Kabob with rice and creamy garlic sauce

Whole 30 day 15-17. Been struggling a lil bit… super easy recipe up!!

Yes I have been struggling a little, wanting sweets. But I am not giving in to it. I am more then half way through and I will make it. But I am for sure looking forward to my birthday. I am also participating in a instagram foodie exchange. Which I am excited about. I am paired up with this girl i Sweden and we will both make some sweets and/or treats based on the other persons diet and then send it to her as a package. I think this is super fun and I can’t wait for my package to arrive. We will all open them on october 3rd and post pictures of our packages on instagram. I will make some yummy stuff to send her 😀

Day 15

IMG_20150915_132349-1 IMG_20150915_203927-1

  • Breakfast: Smoothie that I couldn’t finish (didn’t have much appetite in the AM)
  • Lunch: Oven baked salmon with parsnip, carrot, turnip mash and salad
  • Dinner: Sweet potato cakes, with bacon sauteed spinach and homemade lingonberry jam

Day 16


  • Breakfast: Sauteed spinach, mushroom and beet with turkey sandwich meet
  • Lunch: Sweet potato cakes, with bacon sauteed spinach and homemade lingonberry jam
  • Dinner: Tuna salad with home made mayo in a lettuce shell 🙂

Day 17

20150917_091335 20150917_132006 20150917_192846 20150917_212648

  • Breakfast: Banana, blueberry, coconut milk chia pudding topped with some nuts and seeds
  • Lunch: The last of Sweet potato cakes, with bacon spinach and homemade lingonberry jam
  • Snack: Some hazelnuts, and some of my breakfast chia pudding
  • Dinner: Spinach, mushroom, turkey omelette with a side of satsumas
  • Snack: Home made kale chips

Sweet potato cake and lingonberry jam

Sweet potato cakes

  • 2 medium sizedsweet potato boiled or oven baked
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 tsp pink himalaya salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • Coconut oil for frying

Mash the potato and mix in the eggs and seasoning. Place the coconut oil in the skillet and on medium heat spoon out the potato mixture and fry for 4-5 minutes on each sides. I flipped them a few times.

Lingonberry jam

  • 1 apple
  • 1 cup frozen lingonberries

Peel and cut up the apple in small pieces put in a pan with a little bit of water, boil till soft. Mash it and mix in the lingonberries and let boil on medium to low for 15 minutes until it thickens.