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New Year, New Beginnings.. I am doing a 30 day clean eating challenge

Hi hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Years eve celebration. I surely did, spent christmas with family and New Years with friends. Since it is a new year i know a lot of people feel that with a new year there are new beginnings and potentials. Like starting over or geting another chance. Though this can be done any day or time of the year it seems like many need this, giving them a clean slate to start fresh. So lets 🙂

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We tend to have some new years resolutions, which for most are hard to follow through or to continue with. WE tend to fall back into our same old habits. The best way to actually follow through is to not just say what you wish to do, but to also write down what it is and how you want to do it. How you can follow through and not start too hard because most people fall off the wagon. If this is you then write down your ‘bigger’ goal, then brake it down to smaller feasable goals on the way. And celebrate and reward yourself for reaching the smaller steps. It can be someting like getting a massage, doing something you love, you don’t have to reward yourself with ‘bad’ food.


Im starting my Whole30 challenge on monday the 5th. I was going to start on the 1st. But it didn’t happen cause i didn’t plan well. So now i am prepareing so i can start on monday.

If you are interested in doing it with me, i can help you with ideas and questions. It will be my 3rd time doing it. Also go to the https://www.facebook.com/Whole30 on FB or @Whole30 program on IG to get more info.

I will also do a no sugar at the same time...so no honey, maple syrup or natural sweetners either.

I am doing this to reset my system and to heal myself from some food related issues i have. Also it will make you feel great. Just so you know
Let me know if you want to join!


Last week in Los Angeles AKA My Birthday week :D

I had such an awesome time in LA, I wish I could stay!!!! I love my friends they are great and made my visit fantastic. This post will have lots of pictures from this marvelous week.

I went on another hike LOL with my friend Malachi, yes I said I love hikes. This one was at Los Liones Trail off Sunset Blvd in Malibu. The view is amazing!!! 

2013-10-05 12.04.28 2013-10-05 12.05.01 2013-10-05 12.03.53

On Wednesday also MY BIRTHDAY I went shopping and found some nice dresses, the one I’m wearing here for my dinner was one of them 😀

2013-10-09 18.07.17IMG_50972013-10-09 19.11.122013-10-09 22.14.36 2013-10-09 22.14.22 IMG_2393IMG_4955 IMG_7633

The day after my birthday I went to see one of my good friend and her kids. In the evening I went out with my homeboy Malachi..acting like fools 😀 hahaha

2013-10-10 21.22.23 2013-10-10 21.22.27

I was supposed to go to Glen Ivy day spa on my birthday, but it was raining so we decided to go on friday instead. I love love love this place, you feel refreshed like you have been on vacation when you leave. Thank you Joyce for coming with me, I had such a wonderful time. Love you girl!!!!!

IMG_20131011_2155512013-10-11 11.07.292013-10-11 12.15.102013-10-11 12.11.402013-10-11 12.13.232013-10-11 12.22.072013-10-11 12.35.502013-10-11 12.36.102013-10-11 14.28.122013-10-11 15.03.43imagejpeg_0

On friday eve my girl Aja flew down from bay area to visit me..we stopped by Carbon in Culver City for some quick dancing lol

2013-10-12 00.50.13

SATURDAY was MY last night out!!!! for some more birthday celebrating! You can’t celebrate enough 😉 We went to The Penthouse Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. I ate some delicious Crispy Skin Salmon, sooooo good. Then we danced till my feet were killing me haha.

2013-10-13 00.17.27 2013-10-13 00.19.08 2013-10-13 00.22.38 2013-10-13 00.58.492013-10-13 00.28.09

My leaving LA tonight dinner/ another birhtday celebration dinner 😀 I was speachless to how many of my friends showed up to this dinner. My flight left at 10pm so I decided to have a last dinner at Cheesecake Factory in Marina Del Ray, which is one of my favorit places to eat at. We sat outside at the lower deck, they gave us our own little cabana corner!! The view was amazing, the beach was right outside with the water front very close 🙂 I had my favorit meal the Herb Crusted Salmon and Shrimp Scampi and for dessert I chose the 30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake and I have to say this cheesecake is WOW oh so delicious!!!!! It is the best one I have ever tasted. I was so happy and emotional to see everyone, so sad to leave. I feel at home in LA, I hope to move back one day soon 😀

2013-10-13 16.19.14 2013-10-13 17.37.09 2013-10-13 17.39.44 2013-10-13 17.51.31 2013-10-13 17.56.34 2013-10-13 18.07.43 2013-10-13 18.11.18 2013-10-13 18.23.09 2013-10-13 18.52.58 2013-10-13 18.55.21 2013-10-13 18.58.45 2013-10-13 19.00.17 2013-10-13 19.09.20 2013-10-13 19.10.51 2013-10-13 19.13.17 2013-10-13 19.14.53 2013-10-13 19.18.35 2013-10-13 19.20.38 2013-10-13 19.21.15 2013-10-13 19.25.43 2013-10-13 19.26.55 2013-10-13 19.31.05