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Whole30!!!! Yup I am doing another one :) Started today :D

Hey all πŸ™‚ I’m doing another Whole30 and I need it. Been eating really crappy this past 6 month, I’ve gained some weight too and it is time to make a change. So I am kicking it off with a bang! Last time I ended up being sick and stopped it. This time I am going to go through with it and I hope i won’t get sick again since I was just sick for a few days.

I am really excited because my co-worker and her husband is doing it with me. Well she already started last monday. She was too excited and couldn’t wait. So we will keep eachother on track πŸ™‚

I forgot to weigh myself this morning so I will do so tomorrow. I also need to measure myself and take pictures to be able to see the change better πŸ™‚

Day 1: I had not bought any groceries before I started this morning so I didn’t have too much to use for breakfast and lunch. I did go shopping after so now I have some good stuff to cook with πŸ™‚

  • Breakfast: Berry spinach smoothie with 2 eggs
  • Lunch: Zucchini soup with shredded chicken
  • Snack: 1 egg and a banana
  • Dinner: Jamaican run down ( fish stew) with cooked green plantain and kale

20150901_082641 20150901_111237 20150901_201855

Time to do some dishes, Night people πŸ™‚

Day 2 completed!!!!! YAY

I have compleded day two of my Whole30 challenge!!!!!!!!! I’m really tired so I will keep it short. Today flew by way to quickly too, however today I got some stuff done. Went grocery shopping and I cooked some yummy food. Then I went to a leadership bootcamp series my church is hosting. Really fantastic!!!!!

Here is some pictures of prepping and cooking.

Starting with my mmmmm good green smootihe, thats what I had in it with some water. (Not part of whole30, I’m still sick so I need the extra nutrients)

2014-01-07 09.24.24


Some of the ingredients for my meatsause

2014-01-07 13.22.21

Meetsause, broccoli and Codsoup πŸ˜€

2014-01-07 14.38.40


Here is what I ate today



Todays delisious food

  • Breakfast – Sweet potato, eggs and avocado topped with sauerkraut
  • Lunch – Veggie Meat Sauce w zucchini spaghetti
  • Dinner – Fishsoup with veggies + Sweetpotato and spinach (on the go)
  • Snack – Banana dusted with cinnamon and 1 tbsp. almond butter

Good night